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My Hannah Montana Plotline!!!!!

Okay crazy or not ever since tamasha420 mentioned VICTORiOUS on Nickelodeon and an essay about making your own plotlines to a TV show I thought up one of my own ..plotlines… but as far as show about singer’s go I still prefer ..da..da..da … Hannah Montana Forever on the Disney Channel Then I got to thinking what kind of plotline would I make for it... :P

Hannah Montana Forever on the Disney Channel... messed up plotline…

In My Episode… Miley Cyrus put’s out her latest video… because now that she told everyone who she is in the show so she could get into collage her video’s are no longer separate from the Hannah Montana ones…

After her latest video she gets into a lot of trouble by her dad Billy Ray when he sees her running around in her underwear:

But her dad get’s mad especially after this one because if you haven't seen it you need to:

So, her dad Billy Ray get's mad at her for acting like a slut and then he says her brother's band get's to go on stage instead also because I like Trace Cyrus and his band Metro Station better even though the band broke up... (but this is a storyline.)

Then Metro Station takes off and Miley gets all mad...  but because it’s a TV show it can all be fixed in a half hour… and they decide to share the stage in some grand concert (which would be a bit weird in reality… but this is TV Land) and then Miley agrees to stop being such a slut because she needs to stay a role model for kids (being on Disney and all) and then everyone is happy in the end! :D

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